Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Traffic Control Supplier

Here is a list of important questions to ask yourself when evaluating and deciding on a Traffic Control Supplier for you site.

  • Does the Traffic Control Company have a strong and credible management structure with a proven track record and stability?
  • Are the company’s managers certified through recognized professional associations?
  • Does the local manager have the authority to make decisions related to your contract?
  • Does the company have the financial resources to handle this project?
  • Do other major operations use this company?
  • Does the company employ state of the art technology in dealing with its personnel?
  • Does this technology deal with personal safety?
  • Is the company focused on ‘partnering’ with its clients?
  • Are they individually covered by fidelity bonding?
  • Is the company’s administrative system capable of handling the volume of business that the company claims?
  • Is the companies training program adequate and do they provide specialised training for their employees for specific type-sites?
  • Does the company offer comprehensive benefits to its employees?
  • Does the company employ a performance measurement system?
  • Does the company employ continuous service improvement and total quality management concepts?
  • Does the company have the depth to provide additional personnel on a short-notice basis?

Dynasty Traffic can proudly answer YES to ALL of theee questions.

We sincerely wish to supply you with a complete traffic control solution, so click here to connect.

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